Custom Kabinetry

CK Custom Kabinetry, Inc.

Beautiful and Unique Commercial Casework in Oakland, RI

The commercial casework experts at CK Custom Kabinetry in Oakland, Rhode Island, have a more streamlined and direct approach compared to our kitchen cabinetry and architectural millwork, which allows us to get the job done quicker. For these jobs, we receive drawings from architects, offices, and other sources and then do a takeoff. We provide an estimate based on that, and we then do shop drawings as part of a submittal package outlining the materials we will use. Our pricing for this service is also very competitive. The types of projects we've undertaken include the following:

• Wooden Columns • Office Cabinets • Variety of Office Furnishings  • Admission Office  • Reception Desks

Exceptionally Crafted Commercial Casework 

Make your business more stylish and functional with the help of CK Custom Kabinetry and our unique commercial casework in Oakland, RI, that is designed to meet the specific needs of your company. We build these cases, cabinets, and desks using superior craftsmanship and high-quality materials. This level of quality ensures that your new furnishings will look amazing in your office and will last for years. 

Functionally Designed

As a business owner, you want to get the most productivity out of your employees as possible. And, with well-designed custom office cabinets and furniture, you can rest assured that your staff will have the highest productivity possible. This is because all of our cabinets and desks are designed with functionality in mind, so your staff members are able to quickly find what they need and have the space to complete their work. 

Our design team works closely with you to determine what kind of storage and work areas you need. We will then use this information to craft furniture that maximizes the space of your office while providing practical storage and functionality for your staff. Additionally, custom cabinets add a unique aesthetic for your office and will help make your company stand out from your competition.

Contact us when you are looking for specialized cabinetry or furniture for your company. We proudly serve Oakland, RI, and the surrounding areas.